Expert corner

For experts we provide temporary project assignments and positions. The assignments can be short term (days to weeks), mid-term (months) or long term (>year). Experts are evaluated after each assignment, assuring high quality of the associated experts in our projects. Experts can benefit from special training and individual coaching programmes.

We are continuously searching qualified consultants and experts in the following fields:

  • Veterinary Services:
      • Animal health
      • Veterinary biologicals
      • Strengthening of veterinary services and capacity building
      • Upgrading laboratory performance
      • Cost-benefit approach in disease control
  • Food Safety:
      • EU legislation
      • Risk assessment
      • Laboratory certification and accreditation
  • Livestock and farm management:                                
    • Disease control in cattle, poultry and pig farms
    • dairy production
    • Livestock, herd health and farm management
  • Economics
  • Project management


If you are interested to work with us, or if you are interested to receive the email alert for vacancies or new project opportunities, please email to: